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XingYiQuan or Hsing I Chuan is classified as among the major three internal kung fu systems. XingYiQuan translates approximately to Form / Intention Boxing, Shape/Will Boxing, Mind Boxing, Form and Will Fist, etc. The literal meaning itself gives the picture about the presence of body mind coordination and harmony in xing yi quan kung fu.

There is no evidence providing proof about the real founder of xingyiquan internal kung fu style. Sources points it on different kung fu masters like Ma Xueli of Henan, Dai Longbang of Shanxi, Yue Fei who was a General of Song Dynasty, Ji Long Feng an expert in Spear techniques, etc. Most of the sources points that Xing yi quan is the most ancient internal kung fu founded among the main three internal Chinese martial arts - Tai chi chuan and Bagua.

One of the fundamentals of Xingyiquan kung fu is Wuxingquan. Wuxingquan literally mean Five Element Boxing or Five Elements Kung fu. It contains five techniques or five fists each which are based on five Elements which are Metal, Water,Wood, Fire and Earth. The Metal signifies splitting, Water for drilling, Wood for bursting, Fire for pounding and Earth for crossing.

The most important aspect of xing yi quan is that, the body will reflect the internal state of mind and act accordingly for enhanced results. The mind and body will unite and works in synchronized harmony, by which the martial artist exploits the most out of himself, both internally and externally.

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