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Tai Chi Chuan - Tai chi, The Great Ultimate Fist

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is the most famous and widely spread kung fu style of china. Literally Tai Chi Chuan means Great Ultimate Fist. Tai chi chuan is also called as Tai Ji Quan and some may pronounce it strangely like tay chi. Tai chi is also misspelled as thai chi by some.Tai Chi Chuan is among the main three internal kung fu style of Chinese martial arts. For westerns, the only internal kung fu they know is Taichi. Most people consider taichi as the main internal martial art among the Chinese martial arts and since its hard to find a reputed internal martial arts in other countries, tai chi chuan is considered as the best internal martial art.

Tai ji quan was said to be founded by Chen San Feng. But there are conspiracies of tai chi being developed before chan san feng. Taiji was maintained as a secret for centuries in china. At first it was only taught to close family members. Later this discrimination ended and gone some more open, but the advanced teachings were only passed to a few. By 20th century, tai chi masters began to teach foreign students. Many opened classed outside china, most of them after escaping from china due to political issues. Now in this 21st Century, there are billions of people practicing taichi for health and martial / combat purpose. By the introduction and widly acknowledgment of Chinese Wushu, there is one more reason to practice tai chi chuan, yes, Olympic gold medal.

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