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This website, kungfu - wushu .org, is a Chinese Martial Arts portal strongly dedicated for the purpose of spreading Chinese martial arts throughout the web. You can have information regarding almost forgotten history of Chinese kung fu, the origin of various kung fu styles such as tai chi chuan, baguazhang, hung gar, Mizongyi, Bafaquan, wing chun, etc and the development of wushu and sanda ( sanshou) . We have included various training videos and tutorials on Chinese martial arts. Our kung fu masters section provides information regarding various ancient and recent legends of kung fu. It covers martial arts masters such as Wong Fei Hung, Huo YuanJia, Yip man, Bruce Lee, Warrior monks of Shaolin Temple, etc. We will also host information on current professional Chinese martial art fighters world wide.

Lot of confusion is there in the mind of common people regarding the difference and similarities between Chinese kung fu and wushu. Basically kung fu represents the Chinese martial arts, mainly in the traditional form. The term kung fu itself began to use for representing the chinese martial arts by the last century through the martial art legend and movie star, Bruce lee. The true meaning of Kung fu is hard work, or a skill earned through a time taken hard work. Wushu means warrior art. But wushu is really a sports form of the Chinese kung fu. Wushu was formed during the last century, when the Chinese government had an intention to ban the lethal martial art training. They literally converted the glorious art into a sports form. By lending patterns and movements from various kung fu styles they created wushu forms. Wushu forms are basically eye catching movements in which the wushu performer will demonstrate his skills. And for the one-to-one fighting part, they have created a ring sport with lot of rules and a bunch of protective gadgets. It is called Sanda or Sanshou. It’s the kung fu ring fighting. But Sanda looks more like a Chinese version of kick boxing with take downs. And thus Wushu got two parts, one is the form section of wushu which is called Taolu and the ring fighting part, named sanshou or sanda.

Chinese Kung fu is classified geographically as northern styles and southern Kung fu styles. Kungfu is also classified as internal kung fu styles and external kung fu styles.

Mean time for wushu, the two division of wushu, that is TaoLu and Sanshou is classified as per form and application. Sanshou other wise called as Sanda is a chinese ring fighting with lot of rules. Basically sanshou seems like a chinese kickboxing stlye, which usually doesnt have that much beauty of taolu performance in wushu.

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