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Hung Gar - Hung Gar / Hung Ga Kuen / Hungar / Hung Gar Kung fu

Hung Gar History

Hung GarHung Gar Kung fu style was founded around AD 1700 by Hung Hei Gun, one of the top five kung fu students of the legendary Shaolin master, Jee Sin Sim See. But it might be like hung gar  was taught to Hung Hei Gun by his shaolin master monk , Jee Sin Sim See, who was one of the Five Elders of Shaolin temple, while he was studying under him in shaolin temple. Gee Sin Sim See had fled from northern shaolin temple to Fukien province when the Ching troops burdened down the northern shaolin temple and massacred the monks. There they build the southern shaolin temple. Jee Sin Sim See become the abbot of southern shaolin temple. Gee See was a supporter of the anti-ching movement. Their policies attracted many rebels and patriots to shaolin temple. That was the case of Hung Hei Gun also, who reached shaolin temple and began learning shaolin kung fu.  There is also a hung gar story specifying that Hung Hei Gun first studied hung gar kung fu from shaolin chuan master Gee Sim See, which only had mainly tiger movements and then he incorporated the crane style movements which his wife had mastered. Along with Hung Hei Gun, Master Gee Sum Sim See also have four other main students. They were Mok Da Si, Choy Gau Lee, Li Yao San and Lau Sam Ngan. It believes that Gee Sum Sim See taught each of them separate shaolin kung fu styles. Later, like Hung Hei Gun founded Hung gar kung fu system, these four shaolin kung fu masters have founded each of their kung fu styles.

Hung Gar Kung fu

Hung gar kung fu is a powerful external kung fu style. It comes under southern kung fu styles and some Chinese martial artists consider hung gar among the five major southern kung fu styles. Shaolin Hung gar kung fu emphasis on extremely rigorous external training. In Hung gar kung fu , the basics are given much importance and it is strongly advised to continue to higher levels only after the hung gar practitioner have perfected his foundations in the hung gar fundamentals.

Shaolin Hung gar kung fu have very aggressive movements comparing to the other kung fu styles like wing chun, taichi, etc. Hung gar techniques are aggressive, but in a controlled manner, not as an outburst of spirit and anger.

Even though hung gar is extremely external kung fu style, it has some internal aspects too. Hung gar contains training based on 5 elements, 5 animals, 12 bridges, etc.

The four main hung gar forms or patterns of Shaolin Hung Gar kung fu system are Iron Thread / Iron Wire Fist, Tiger Crane, Kung Ji Fook Fu Kuen and Five Animal. These four forms are the core essence of traditional hung gar training.

Even though Shaolin Hung gar kung fu is regarded as a tiger kung fu, it have adequate crain techniques too. In some of the hung gar styles , like Ha Sei Fu Hung Gar style, there are five animals in total. They are tiger, snake, crane, leopard and dragon. These five hung gar kung fu animals have its on separate fighting concepts.

The Plum Blossom Fist, Kow Chi Nin Wan Kuen, Law Family Fist, Butterfly Palm, etc are also some important hung gar forms which were included by the passage of time.

Along with Hung Hei Gun, kung fu legends like Wong Kei Ying, Wong Fei Hung, Lam Sai Wing, Tang Fung were famous hung gar masters. They are all well-known with their martial arts skill and had a very good moral side too. Master Wong Fei Hung is considered as the most famous kung fu legend.  Wong Fei Hung was portrayed on over 100 martial arts movies. Hung Hei Gun, the founder of Hung gar is also portrayed in a few Chinese kung fu movies. Now many kung fu lovers are looking up for hung gar kung fu movies. Lot of people are looking up for hung hei gun films and wong fei hong movies.

Chiu Chi Ling, Lau Kar Leung, Lam Cho and Mark Houghton are some of the modern day hung gar masters. Hung gar kungfu masters like Chiu Chi Ling and Lau Kar Leung are already famous kungfu movie stars. When Hunggar master Chiu Chi Ling is well known for his hung gar tiger moves in kung fu movies, master Lau Kar Leung is famous for his drunken monkey roles. Lau Kar Leung is considered as one of the veteran practical classic kung fu master on screen.

Shaolin Hung gar Kung fu is viewed as a typical classical old school kung fu. In shaolin hung gar kung fu system, the morality is given great importance. Hung gar kung fu is widely practiced outside china too. Now, Hung gar is one of the most famous kung fu style around the globe.

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