Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung

In the year of 1847 AD, in the Fushan province of China, a great martial art legend was born. He was named Wong Fei Hung, a martial artist and Chinese folk hero, hearing whose name still stimulates the martial spirit of the artists. Wong Fei Hung was born to Wong Kay Ying. Master Wong Kay Ying was another famous martial artist of his time. Together with 9 other martial art masters, Wong Kay Ying is one among the famous '10 tigers of canton'. He was also a good physician and was having a Chinese holistic clinic named Po Chi Lam under him. At first Wong Kay Ying was not willing to teach his son Wong fei hung. But Wong fei hung was fortunate to get Master Luk Ah Choi as his teacher. Luk Ah Choi was also the master of his father Wong Kay Ying. It was Luk Ah Choi from who Wong fei hung learned the very basics of shaolin hung gar kung fu. Later Wong's father himself began to teach him hung gar and Wong Fei hung developed to a good martial artist by his clear mind and rigid and dedicated training.

At the age of 13, Wong fei hung once meet Lam Fuk-sing, another master of hung gar, while in a street performance. Lam Fuk-sing was a disciple of Leung Kwan who was nicknamed as Iron Bridge Three. Leung Kwan was one among the group of 10 tigers of canton and was a famous hung gar master. What Wong mainly learned from master Lam Fuk-sing mainly was the Iron Wire Fist of hung gar. Learning Iron Wire Fist from the student of it’s best known teacher helped Wong fei hung for further development in hung style of kung fu. Wong Fei-Hung also received weapon training from Lam Fuk-sing

Later Wong fei hung undergone training from a master called Sung Fai-tong. It was from whom he learned his masterpiece of action - No-Shadow Kick. Wong fei hung, heavily through the movies, particularly those performed by master art super star Jet li, is well known for this technique of attacking. The No-Shadow Kick, otherwise known as the kick with no shadows or shadow less kick, is said to be a combination of several kicks performed in a very fast pace, which will make it hard to predict, defend or even be aware of its approaching. Wong fei hung was able to subdue lot of his foes by his supreme leg technique of shadowless kicks. Now the technique of shadowless kicks is almost lost and no known martial artist is there who can perform this except some basic sort of kicks with fake hand movements, etc.

After being confident of his own skillets, Wong fei hung opened his own kung fu school. Everyone will wonder about the age in which he became confident to call himself as a Sifu. Wong fei hung was only 16 years old when he opened his hung gar kung fu school. By the age of 20, Wong fei hung become well known as a martial artist and a physician. Then he began to add his contributions to hung gar. He developed tiger-crane system which was added to hung gar. Along with the tiger-crane form he developed and intellectually combined a system of fighting applications called Sup Ying Kuen or Ten Forms Fist.

Beside all these, what made Wong fei hung a folk hero is that he always worked on defending the weak and withholding the truth and justice. He was open to sacrifice himself for these acts. There were many legendary feats he performed for this purpose. Once he fought and defeated a group of 30 armed gangsters who were skillful in fighting. He fought them with his staff techniques, and said to be managed to escape unhurt. This also shows light on his mastership in this long weapon and practically materializing what he learned and practiced. These all made Master Wong Fei Hong one of the most famous martial artist in the history of china.

Master Wong fei hung was an unbeatable hero. But at last he surrendered before death due to an illness. It was 25th March of 1924, when not only China and kung fu, but the whole martial art world lost a perl which fell into a deep sea from where it will never returns...