Bafaquan Kung fu

Bafaquan - Ba Fa - Eight Methods

BaFaQuan, or Eight Methods Boxing, was developed during the period of Qing dynasty by kung fu expert called Li De Mao. He compained 5 different styles of kung fu to develop his own style, Ba Fa Quan. He companined various elements of  Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I) Pao Chui, FanziQuan, TongBeiQuan, and TanTui to form a new style which emphesis the theory of eight methods. The eight methods of Ba Fa Quan are the Shake, Support, Outer trap, Inner trap, Stab, Chop, Reel and Flick. Bafaquan have both weapon and empty hand training. They uses  saber, sword and spear are the weapons included in Bafaquan kung fu. Bafaquan's spear system -Da Qiang or Eight Methods Big Spear is famous and known as Big Pole. Big Pole is developed by compaining the principles of eight methods with Pear-flower Spear, Yue family spear  and Liuhe Spear system. Big Pole, aka Da Qiang or Eight Methods Big Spear system can be easily executed from a hourse back or on foot.

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